Yoga Classes

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Yoga Basics with Jess

Yoga has amazing benefits such as mental clarity and flexibility, the practice of yoga can truly help align the body, prevent, and/or heal injuries. We are proud to offer yoga sessions for all bodies, levels, and styles. Grab your mat, find a calm space, and you’re ready for class!

Hatha Flow for Fatigue with Erin

Erin leads you through a sequence for releasing depression and stagnation by creating happiness and harmony in your body. Postures are curated to help relax the mind and focus on your overall well being. You’ll be left feeling more confident about your personal practice and have better harmony in your body and mind.

Float to Fly with Bo

Are you looking to take your yoga practice to the next level? Float to Fly brings you a series of conditioning exercises to strengthen your core using your hands and feet. You should repeat these classes to get the maximum benefits. Grab your mat and get ready to sweat.

Katlin, Womb Wisdom

Join Dula, Katlin Campbell, in this beautifully curated series for all loving feminine movement. The journey, the warrior, and liquid living light sessions will help to ground, strengthen, and energize your inner body and create a deeper connection within. You can choose to take one class or all in any order; we suggest heading into the guided chakra meditation to bring your mind and body to ultimate bliss.