5 Reasons Dancing is for Everyone

For those of us who are dancers, we already know that dancing is more than just a hobby, it's a way of being, a form of expression, and coping skill. Many of us that have a dance habit already know the physical and mental benefits.

For those that have never danced, it may seem intimidating or scary because we truly put it all out there, it’s vulnerable! However, dancing’s mental and physical benefits are too good to ignore, even for a novice.

Here are 5 reasons why dancing is for everyone:

1. Dancing doesn't have to look a certain way- Sure, you may look awkward when you first start, but that’s OK! If you feel and are having fun, that is what is important! And with practice, dancing becomes more natural, just like anything else!

2. Great work out- Dancing gets your body moving and blood pumping. Believe it or not, a 1-hour dance session can burn between 250 to 400 calories. It will improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles. If you are looking to change up gym routine this is a perfect alternative.

3. Dancing has no age limit- Sure, many dancers put on their dance shoes as soon as they begin to walk. Parents often enroll their children in dance classes as early as preschool. The mastery of lifelong dancers often discourages older students, who believe they would never be able to catch up. However, you’re never too late to follow your dreams! Whether you are a teenager or middle-aged adult, there are physical benefits to taking up dance at any age, and with patience and dedication, you will likely achieve your goals, or at least have fun!.

4. It feels good- Dance is emotion in motion. Dancing provides an opportunity to detach from your mind and move into your body. Sometimes, it feels good to move your body freely, and taking a dance class will help you be able to dance independently, whether in your kitchen to your favorite Justin Bieber song, or at a bar/club.

5. Builds Body Awareness- When you dance, you bring together mental and physical sensors in your brain. Your mind understands and analyzes the music, and your body is the tool for the actual movement. With regular practice, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your body and its capabilities.

Even though dancing may be vulnerable or uncomfortable at first, you cannot ignore the positive effects on the mind and body. So get out there and dance, babe!

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