Dance Classes

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If you’re a beginner who’s just starting or an advanced dancer looking for in-depth training, your dance habit is now within reach.

Shuffle Class with Julz

This class will get your feet moving and heart beating. Shuffle dancing was born out of Melbourne Australia during the early ’80s in the underground rave scene with fancy footwork as the premise. Julz brings you clear and descriptive instructions to make this challenging style of dancing accessible for everyone!

Bound Routine with Jess

Jess brings the sass with a two-part routine to Bound, by Indiana. If you currently dance, want to revisit your dance class roots, or want to learn how to pick up choreography this is a fantastic series for you! Jess will lead you through a jazz dance warm-up and move into the choreography, first section is beginner to intermediate and the second intermediate to slightly advanced. Do the first section or learn the whole routine but more importantly, dance this choreography your way!

Wack Class with Julz

Julz combines Waacking arm movements with house footwork to bring you a dynamic set of choreography. Whacking was born in the LGBTQ scene during the disco era and is known for its prominent arm gestures. You truly get to experience Julz’s creative knowledge of dance when combining these exciting arm motions with original house steps. Find an open space and get ready to Waack!